TWICE: New Can’t-Miss Yellow Rebrand

Case Study - AE Global
May 17, 2022 - 21 Min Read

TWICE: New Can’t-Miss Yellow Rebrand

As part of its rebrand, TWICE partnered with AE Global to bring to life the packaging for its oral wellness line.




After working with Toronto-based creative agency Concrete, TWICE had identified its reinvigorated look and feel, complete with a new bright, bold design. Part of the rebranding included a vision of packaging concepts across the revamped brand line.

In the summer of 2021, AE Global signed on as the rebrand’s packaging partner. Over months of design iterations, TWICE, AE Global and Concrete honed in on product packaging for the company’s various SKUs, including dental floss, toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash and a whitening pen. 

Using TWICE’s vision, AE Global’s focus was keenly placed on the unboxing experience. Each packaging experience needed to feel special and unique–toeing the line between a refined, luxury product and a holistic, approachable, easily accessible product.

Put simply: The packaging had to pop while maintaining its humanity.


The Approach:


Creating such a balanced and memorable experience requires meticulous attention, from the package’s components to the experience of opening the product itself. With three companies experts in their respective industries, the large-scale brand refresh saw all components considered over the several-month process–with AE Global bringing our packaging expertise to the table. 

Each design component considered was essential in conveying the unmistakable quality behind TWICE’s new can’t-miss yellow brand color. Product-customer interactions were equally crucial points of consideration. AE Global analyzed each consumer’s interaction with the product, including: 

  • How the end-user would unbox packaging out to reveal the product inside
  • Design for efficient manufacturing and pack-out
  • Display of the products inside of the packaging
  • The look and feel of the art on uncoated paper
  • Brand clarity with special finishes on the package
  • The touch of the box and product in a person’s hand  

We worked together to create and compose experiences that stemmed from combinations of components from our earlier analysis until we landed on the perfect look and feel. Creating that effect included uncoated paper, simple structures, and some easy-on-the-eye but complex to execute finishes to achieve the final look and feel that the TWICE team sought.

Design iterations saw AE Global experimenting with various designed finishes and processes to achieve the final look and feel the design TWICE sought.


A Glaring Challenge: Matching The Color


Checking all the boxes meant the trio of partners were in constant communication–on a daily basis at particular points of the process. Working across various locations in North America, the trio would often send samples and other mock-ups, resulting in follow-up calls where the unboxing experience was discussed more in-depth. With such busy schedules, communication occurred over various types of apps and services.

Previous in-house innovations proved vital for AE Global and TWICE. Introducing our internal child-resistant folding carton solution, EZ Lock, into particular products was vital to clearing some design hurdles. We iterated a non-child-resistant version of EZ Lock into TWICE’s whitening pen in one case. Doing so allowed the product to be presented in a clear, presentable package for consumers while maintaining critical unboxing components, like single-direction openings.

The most substantial packaging breakthrough came when AE Global successfully matched TWICE’s bold yellow branding across its entire family of SKUs. What may seem like a small feat is much more than just slapping some yellow on a product.

With TWICE, this particular shade of yellow had to match across its SKUs or risk the rebrand losing its critical cohesion. Packaging partners will often overlook color variations, not placing enough concern on a package’s final look. When this occurs, a bit more red or blue than originally intended can find its way into the final products.

Leaders from TWICE came to AE Global’s Miami facility to ensure that the colors matched their specifications. Some may scoff at the thorough, on-site visits and press-checks, but those extra steps are worth it. With clear communication and rigorous quality assurance testing, AE Global, TWICE, and Concrete could match the exact hue across the revamped brand, all under deadline. 




Completed around December 2021 and January 2022, the six-month production process yielded several production highlights, including:

  • AE Global helped TWICE reach strict timelines set by Target corporate 
  • TWICE products featured in Target and CVS stores across the country
  • TWICE products now featured prominently across social media and online ads



Six-Month Production Time


From start to finish, AE Global delivered a complete product family of packaging for TWICE’s revamped brand in under 6 months–a typical timeline for such an extensive brand usually takes double or triple the time. 

During the process, nearly all designing, validating and prototyping occurred in-house at AE Global. Internal production allowed for efficient, industry-leading turnaround times when developing, iterating and evaluating designs. The reduced turnaround times helped the project remain on schedule, allowing TWICE’s new line to appear in major online and brick-and-mortar retailers.


Communication, Clarity And Organization Are Key


You can’t ever take communication for granted–especially when manufacturing products.

This takeaway is valid for everyone, from a single company handling a brand refresh entirely in-house to any endeavor replicating TWICE’s brand refresh. Working across two countries and various regions of the world, AE Global, TWICE and Concrete remained aligned thanks to regular, clear communication during the design and execution phases–a task easier said than done. Managing the various schedules and time zones involved took multiple methods of communication and great adaptability by all when changes were needed on the fly.

Communication can only go so far without clear expectations or goals in place. With TWICE and Concrete, their vast experience across North America aligned with AE Global’s past experience. Collectively, we established goals, providing clear check points during the production process. In packaging, the task is to create cohesion for all, spanning all consumer groups. With TWICE and Concrete, they achieved that cohesion during the production process. Each person involved in the project took on a sense of responsibility and ownership in the final product.

Each vested interest fueled diligent work, leading to the end result that you can easily spot on physical or digital sales shelves.

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