Innovation Case Study: Curaleaf Select Squeeze Bottle

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Aug 25, 2021 - 6 Min Read

Innovation Case Study: Curaleaf Select Squeeze Bottle



  • The new product line launch kicked off November 2020 in the middle of the COVID  pandemic; executed through Chinese New Year for a March 2021 launch.
  • Curaleaf, a leader in the Cannabis space, needed an exact dosage package solution  for their new product, a THC-infused beverage enhancer “Select Squeeze.”  Curaleaf needed an “all in one solution” – including proprietary packaging & label development,  manufacturing, and full project management & distribution. The desire was to launch the new product in 14 states simultaneously, with the industry constraint of specific labeling and distribution requirements for each state.
  • The solution provider would need to be able to ramp up quickly, understand the challenges of the cannabis industry, and meet full-service capabilities from design to implementation.


  • Curaleaf turned to AE Global to develop a solution that could be implemented quickly and be highly scalable.
  • With extensive design capabilities including rapid prototyping, AE Global’s team developed a consumer-friendly child-resistant squeeze bottle, capable of dispensing a  precise dosage of product every time.  AE Global also manages the entire Third-Party Testing and Certification process.
  • Launching four flavors simultaneously in 14 states, AE Global’s team operated as a control tower managing everything from managing design to production of bottles, 56 different labels, and 56 different folding carton SKU’s.  At any given time,  AE Global was traffic manager for 175 different shipments of components to 14  different markets (with the added challenge of COVID impact.)
  • AE Global delivered a robust suite of solutions to Curaleaf, enabling them to achieve the largest ever simultaneous launch in the cannabis industry in the US. Curaleaf is well on its way to meeting its financial targets for this quarter and beyond, as this successful rollout of Select Squeeze offers consumers a new way to experience  Curaleaf via AE Global’s precise, innovative packaging.


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